When a person goes missing, one wants to know what resources will be made available, and how fast said resources will be deployed. We ensure that our clients receive real time updates, and we work with our clients every step of the way until the missing person is found.

There are many reasons why a person may go missing, but whatever the situation, it always leaves a lot of people worried and desperate for answers. Here are some of the reasons:


Missing persons detective investigation
  • The person is just being careless when it comes to communicating, or has gone into an area with poor or no reception for a few days without letting anybody know. In these situations we can quickly deploy agents to retrace the targets footsteps, going from hostel to hostel if necessary, and tracking them down.
  • The person is in a vulnerable situation either physically or mentally. Our detectives have can quickly check with every major hospital and speak to our sources within the police to see if the target already find themselves in care or custody, which is normally the case, specially if we are talking about Phnom Penh. Failing that, we can deploy a team in any part of Cambodia to start canvassing the local area where the target was last seen.
  • The person has wondered off into the wilderness and got lost. These situations are more common that one would imagine, especially when we are talking about young inexperienced travellers. We can quickly track down what part of Cambodia they have got stranded in by retracing their footsteps to the last guest house they stayed at, and our investigators will coordinate with search and rescue to ensure the target is returned home safely.
  • The person has been arrested. The police force may not always act quickly in notifying the embassy that an arrest has been made, but there are always witnesses to most arrests, such as local business owners. We can track down the police station where they are being held, and contact the pertinent embassy to ensure they are being treated correctly and that none of their rights are being infringed upon.
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These are the most likely scenarios of people going missing, but obviously not every scenario is included in this section. For cases where foul play is suspected, or straight up kidnapping, please refer to our criminal investigations section.