Our Security Solutions

Security solutions may not be and obvious service for a detective agency to offer, but as with everything, in Cambodia things work a little bit differently. In European countries, private investigators generally either come out of the police force, or have always been in the private sector. In Phnom Penh as well as in the rest of Cambodia, requirements are a bit different, which is why a lot of the agents we recruit come from the military or intelligence sectors either here in Cambodia or abroad. Having this rich thesaurus of human resources allows us to offer certain solutions of both human and technological security that other agencies generally would not be able to:

Human Security

Security Guard Services

Security services - phnom penh detective

When you need home or business security guards, you can find quite a few very cheap options. These option generally involve an 18 year old Cambodian with no training, who will get offended at the suggestion that perhaps he could attempt to stay awake during his shift. If this is exactly what you require, we cannot help you. If what you are looking for is one or more well trained agents, who will be alert their entire shift, who you can trust for they represent Crest Hawk Investigations, and who will ensure the safety of whatever they have been tasked with protecting, the contact us and we will discuss your exact requirements.

Security Escort

Phnom Penh Detective Security Escort Service - Crest Hawk Investigations

If the security you require is personal, you will be assigned one or more highly trained agents who will ensure round the clock protection for the person or persons they are tasked to protect. We do ask you are completely honest with the risks you may be exposed to, so that we can design a solution equipped for your status.

Technological Security

We have a number of partners in South Korea and China who provide us with security materials:

Technological security services in phnom penh, cambodia
  • Covert and overt cameras
  • Tracking devices
  • A range of bullet proof vests and car windows
  • A range of non lethal defence weaponry approved by the Ministry of Interior
  • More specialised materials that you will require a license to purchase

Please do not hesitate to contact us to explain your exact requirements.